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Inspired 2 Succeed

Travis Spell is an accomplished public speaker who has spent years inspiring people to expand their ideas, challenge themselves to succeed, and reach well past their comfort zone.  The hope is that they become the Director of their own movie called "Life.”  He has proven to be a great keynote speaker and motivator for individuals, schools, companies and organizations.  Spell's charisma and practical delivery of life-changing wisdom allows people to immediately implement simple practices that will help them realize and achieve their goals.  


These concepts allow him to inspire audiences who are often hard to connect with.  Spell brings high energy and enthusiasm to his audiences with an encouraging message to stop being an "extra" in life.  He coaches people how to write the script for, and become the director of their “Life”.


Spell has inspired thousands of people with his unique blend of presentations and workshops.  His uncanny ability to connect with a variety of audiences, and discuss universal messages about resilience, leadership and peak performance that reside in all of us, keeps him in constant demand as an inspirational speaker.  His diverse client list includes countless corporations, associations, government agencies, educational institutions and other groups wanting motivational speakers who both educate and entertain.


A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker, Travis has over 10 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.  Travis strong belief and commitment to the power of the entrepreneur is evident in all areas of Inspire 2 Succeed LLC and its successful coaching program, which works to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential in both their business and personal lives.


What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Travis lifelong crusade, as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life, political leaders, advocates for humanity, CEOs, psychologists, teachers, and parents.


Travis commitment to creating an enduring legacy that will impact the world is surpassed only by his passion for family as a dedicated father of four children and a loving husband to his wife, Lakeia Jones Spell.

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“I help CEO’s, Executives and Organizations create strategies and surround them with resources that will help drive more revenue.”


“I help student athletes find their purpose and drive on and off the field via the game called “LIFE”

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